Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Links

I'm fairly certain I've heard of winter golf. But I'm not sure what the rules are. Maybe it doesn't really exist. But I still walk my local course and go over my game. After all, golf is a cerebral sport. Got to keep a leg up on the hacker competition.

Red marker. 100 yards to the pin. I pull out my 9 iron and choke up, since it's a bit downhill. I close my eyes and see green. But reality is a different story.

Nice view of Mt. Tom., but I can't let the scenery distract me. I have a hybrid 2 iron I've been dying to use. Ball is sitting up. This is my chance.

60 degree wedge from here, but I have to be careful. A deep sand trap just to the right.

Uphill lie and 180 to the pin. What would Jack do here? Lay up and chip? I'll go for it.

Cart path. I'll walk.

I'm pretty sure I skulled it into the woods. But not out of bounds, hopefully. Nobody is behind me so I'll take my time and look for my ball.

Dog leg to the right but I'll take my chances with a 4 iron over the trees. Again, uphill, but I think I can make it over as the leaves are mostly gone.

Well, I shot an 84. Pretty respectable given the conditions.