Friday, December 19, 2008

Pine Cone Holiday Party Flashback

(From left: Nana, Uncle Paul, Grandma, Mike, Jay, Poppy, Author. Note the high school photo of Uncle Paul atop the piano. )

I found this photo in a box and remember seeing it on Grandma's refrigerator many years ago. The photo was snapped before the folks went off to a Christmas party. We were left as a sleepover, obviously. I saw a ghost that night.

Reader responds: the year must be 1971. michael was born in jan 1970. what wonderful fun times. yes, i remember you telling me about the ghost. grandma told you it was uncle paul, coming up the stairs and not a ghost. still believe it was a ghost?

It was a ghost, for sure.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pine Cone Walkabout: Let's check out the dam!

We start out on Canal St. in South Hadley falls. The river is high so we think it best to check on our old friend.

The churning waters splash up to the hanging branches. We've paddled here many times. Not today!

We like how the Texon building stands bravely as the water pours over the dam. The old building knows the rules and has an intimate relationship with the river and its tempestuous nature.

Over the bridge, we walk into Holyoke and up Canal St. and take a right on Lyman. The engineer sits and waits on tracks near Gatehouse Rd. We wave to him but he ignores us. He's eating a sandwich. 


We walk down Gatehouse Rd. to view the dam from the Holyoke side. A driver stops and asks where the road ends. We tell him it's a dead end. He turns around. 

We turn up John St. and come across Ye Olde Bud building. VanDog posted some nice shots of this building earlier this year. 

Turning onto High St. we look over our shoulder and see the Caledonian staring down at us. We see the Trustees of Reservations has an office on the first floor. We've noticed their sign at the Dinosaur Footprints on Rt. 5. 

We're getting hungry as we start home. Is that kielbasa and kapusta we smell? Perhaps it is our imagination. Gramps is close by. Let's go!

Friday, December 12, 2008

We like all dogs. Their owners? Well?

Sign on Mt. Holyoke College grounds. We like the dog talk. We guess Bark, Woof means the dogs should at least consider waiting till they are off campus to poop. We're not sure how to translate Grrrrr.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping Focus: Yankee Candle

One of these photos was taken in Deerfield, Mass. Can you guess which one?

We really like Yankee Candle. It reminds us of our visits to Monschau, in the German forest.

(Author is thinking of getting some tea lights. Lemon Lavender, maybe)

Even though he sold the place, we think Michael J. Kittredge is pretty pleased how things turned out.

We like the train that runs through Santa's Village. It's just over the bridge!

I think this photo was taken in Valkenburg, NL. But who can tell?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sports Flashback: Ward 6 Chicopee 8-12 League Boys Soccer, 1975

Standing from left: Peter Reznicki, Alain Beaulier, Coach Pete McGarry, Tim Burke, Mike Lafreinere, John Birks. kneeling: Unknown (I think the kid moved), author with big smile, Ron Desellier, Mike Simpson, Pat McGarry, Tim Foley, Unknown.

We came across this photo in a box of old trophies. Baseball, Soccer, Basketball. Ward Six Civic Association handed out many awards. Even in losing seasons.

Shadows around sundown at Ashley

Soon the wind will blow cold here.

We've got some new gear. Bring it on!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Dinner

(Turkey, Jim, 1980)

I snapped this photo of Dad after he took the bird out of the oven. This could have been any Sunday. We had big dinners every Sunday for many years.

I still call Dad for cooking advice. I planned to make a pot roast tonight and needed some direction. It came out good. Thanks! These photos were taken in our Chicopee home in 1980.

Babcia, Jaju, Grandma, Poppy, brothers, sisters would come to these events. Post dinner conversation was always lively.

Below, Poppy settles in to digest. Where is the piano?

Update. Reader writes: as for the piano, we didn't have one yet. dad purchased the old babcia's piano from a fella who worked with dad. apparently it was sold to him when the house on hildreth ave in south hadley for sold. think mid 80's. we have the piano [bench] in our posession now. gave the piano to charity in 90's.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pack Up Your Troubles

Although the top photo is from 1960 and the bottom photo is from 2008 for some reason I'm thinking of this song from 1916. Somebody is telling me something.

Reader writes: Wow, now that picture is old. On the left is Uncle Pete, Patty Ryan, me and dad, all pushed together.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

On the Street Where You Live

Bardwell St. 01075

We are walking to the library to pick up some CDs and we see these two chairs. What were they talking about earlier? We think the Presidential debate. "This is more important than convictions." says one. "What would that objectivist say?" says the other.

We like that the porch post on the second floor needs to be painted. But the post on the first floor looks fine.

We like this little pond mostly because the gate is open. Perhaps the lighthouseman is in. Give a knock and say hello!

Back to the conversation. "Did you sleep well?" says one. "I did" says the other. "And did I snore? I wasn't wearing my mask." says one. "I didn't notice" says the other.

Corner of Bardwell and Elm.

Ford F-150. Wow. Does anyone know the year?

We've painted our share of houses but never this color. We like it.

The boy thinks of lighting his pipe. The girl tries not to notice the huge frog to her left.

Litterbug! Litterbug! Fly away home.

I don't think I've ever tried these. You can also get them in low fat. That's good.

America runs on Dunkin. Delicious full-flavored refreshment

Oh, this reminds me. I need to get new tires before winter.

I hope Luis kept his appointment. He dropped his reminder.

I've never tried the French onion flavored. Good Fun!

I sometimes get these out of the machine at work. Eat better all day!

Yummy! I could eat two of these in one sitting.

System wiring diagram for a 1997 Buick Century Custom. Nice ride.

The king of Belgian beers.

Better than soft drinks at Wendy's, some think.

Hey, you dropped something! At least the cap was put back on. Very thoughtful! Thanks!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Easthampton: The Other Side of the Mountain

We live in South Hadley and can't see over the mountain. This is what it's like over here!

Looks like an old farm. The sun is hot but the air is cool. The crickets have lots to sing about. Can you hear them?

This looks like a road we'd like to walk down. We do.

Looks pretty lush in here. We like it.

I think this crossing is going to take awhile. I'll take a rest and have a drink and watch.

The sunflowers look down and laugh at us. HA!