Saturday, September 27, 2008

On the Street Where You Live

Bardwell St. 01075

We are walking to the library to pick up some CDs and we see these two chairs. What were they talking about earlier? We think the Presidential debate. "This is more important than convictions." says one. "What would that objectivist say?" says the other.

We like that the porch post on the second floor needs to be painted. But the post on the first floor looks fine.

We like this little pond mostly because the gate is open. Perhaps the lighthouseman is in. Give a knock and say hello!

Back to the conversation. "Did you sleep well?" says one. "I did" says the other. "And did I snore? I wasn't wearing my mask." says one. "I didn't notice" says the other.

Corner of Bardwell and Elm.

Ford F-150. Wow. Does anyone know the year?

We've painted our share of houses but never this color. We like it.

The boy thinks of lighting his pipe. The girl tries not to notice the huge frog to her left.


VanDog said...

Looks like an 81' F150.

And btw, I like this post style, it reminds me of my own random thoughts throughout the day. said...

Thanks for tuning in, Dog!

I enjoy your blog.