Saturday, September 29, 2012

A girl on Canal St., South Hadley, Mass.

Sept. 1960
Sept. 1960
Sept. 1960
July 1958
July 1958
May 1958
May 1958
Above, May 1958, below, May 1959

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mt. Tom. Because it's there.

 I can see Mt. Tom from my bedroom window. So I often walk up. One of my favorite routes is up the old ski trail.

This is a nice time of year to see all the wildflowers.

Nice patches of goldenrod color the landscape nicely. Can you hear the cicadas?

It's more of a walk and not really a climb. The old roads make it easy.

Author at the top of the mountain overlooking Easthampton.

The white blaze on the rock indicates I'm on the Metacomet-Monadnock trail.

The winter star will soon shine brightly over Easthampton.

A little swimming hole. Water was a bit stagnate. Frogs liked it, though.

One of the old pools from the water park days. I never went to the water park.

Dilapidated deck from the water park, alpine slide days.

Love the sheer cut rocks of Mt. Tom.

You always meet friendly guys and gals along the trail. This guy flew around me for a while. Nice to have the company.

View of the mountain from my back deck. See you soon!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot fun with my peeps on the trail.

It's been incredibly hot around town but that doesn't stop me from getting out and hanging with my people.

Some poor kid dropped a pacifier. And some nice person put it in a place where the kid might find it later. I'll bet that kid has another one just like it.

Tim Turtle doesn't like it when I get too close. "That's close enough," he said. "Can you toss me my towel?" You bet, Tim.

Mr. Black Rat Snake doesn't visit very often and was just passing through. "I've never seen you around these parts," I said to him. He didn't answer.

I stopped by to see if Mr. Troll wanted to play checkers. He wasn't home. I wonder who was collecting on the bridge in his absence?

It was getting pretty hot as I reached Upper Pond. Time for a rest in the shade.

Peachy Peach and Kissy Kiss were just getting back from church.

Author puts his feet up and enjoys the heat. "Why complain?"

Monday, July 9, 2012

Make-out party

The folks are at the spaghetti supper. They'll be gone till seven. Let's get out the records!

Connie and Bob.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

taking it long and slow at ashley.

Ashely Reservoir, one of my regular running routes, is a place I often don't stop and smell the roses. Today, I did.

Lily looks nice all close up, and all.

And Lily in the the corner by the rail road tracks looks good in this light.

I knew Susan from way back. And her sister.

She had a wonderful family, Susan did.

But there were others.

Getting attention is fun...

from chicks.

But we all get hungry. And have to go shopping.

I know about one thing. And don't get in my way.


After lunch it's nice to walk around.

I think this is the way we came.

Getting dark. Maybe I'll call you Sometime.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pizza makes a party better.

A party is always nice to go to. But a party that has pizza? It just makes it a better party.

I didn't wash my hands and I dug right in and grabbed a piece. Do you think anyone batted an eye? Nope.

We would all like to pause a moment and give thanks to the guys and gals who make pizza. They make a party even better.

Three cheers to the people that are makers of pizza!

They do a good job for when we are hungry and we would like to eat. And their food? It is good!

Dinner's over. Time for some funny jokes!