Friday, August 27, 2010

Field of Ferns

Walking along Blue Meadow Rd., Belchertown, near the Quabbin.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making new friends

I'm determined to be more social and get out there and meet some birds. Here's some folks I met over the last few weeks. Some were chatty. Some didn't say much.

(Quabbin Reservoir)

Mr. L decided to drop in. He was being noisy. But I like it.

Some of us have more to say than others.

(Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Lenox, Ma.)

Lunch with Mr. Blue Heron. I already ate my rodent, but please, dig right in!

(Around Bassett Island, Quabbin)

We were invading this young eagle's turf. So we moved on. He was nice about it, though.

(Connecticut River, Holyoke, Ma.)

We chatted about the Patriots upcoming season. Then Mr. 'GBH had to fly off.

(Canal Park, S Hadley, Ma.)

Mrs. E has got the itch for more cowbell, probably. We chatted about bugs.

(Canal Park, S Hadley, Ma.)

(Lower Pond, Mt. Holyoke College)

Mrs. D told me she can't wait for the day they can drive themselves around.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Reflections on Shorelines

We certainly like the mountains around the Pioneer Valley, but we also enjoy the rivers, ponds and reservoirs. Here's a look at some of our favorite spots, around the neighborhood and beyond!

(Bench on dock, Connecticut River, South Hadley, Mass.)

We'll sit here for awhile. Someone took away the diving board!

(PCJ staffer, Quabbin Reservoir, around gate 31)

No shore fishing here, better move along, pal.

(Ashley Reservoir, Holyoke, Mass.)

Let's go for a run!

(Sunset over Mt. Tom, Connecticut River, South Hadley, Mass.)

We don't like the mucky shore when the water is low.

(Newton Pond, Quabbin Reservoir)

Water reflects like glass with a quick twenty foot drop. Where is the rope swing?

(Oar House, Connecticut River, Canal Rd., South Hadley, Mass.)

Book your wedding party here. Capacity: 8.

(Sand Bar, Quabbin Reservoir)

Hey, buddy, you better get back in the boat!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Deja Vu in Monson

Found myself in Monson the other morning and decided to take a ride over to Peaked Mountain. It's run by the Trustees of the Reservations. They do a good job protecting trails from erosion, eradicating bad plants, putting little wood chips down and making nice benches and picnic tables. I like them.

I could have sworn I'd been here before. Before this fancy sign was here. Experiencing deja vu while walking the trails of Monson is probably common, though.

Lunden Pond. There was on old hunter's cabin close by. And lots of mosquitoes.

Top of Peaked. Quabbin reservoir watershed is out in this direction.

Looking east towards Worcester.