Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Dinner

(Turkey, Jim, 1980)

I snapped this photo of Dad after he took the bird out of the oven. This could have been any Sunday. We had big dinners every Sunday for many years.

I still call Dad for cooking advice. I planned to make a pot roast tonight and needed some direction. It came out good. Thanks! These photos were taken in our Chicopee home in 1980.

Babcia, Jaju, Grandma, Poppy, brothers, sisters would come to these events. Post dinner conversation was always lively.

Below, Poppy settles in to digest. Where is the piano?

Update. Reader writes: as for the piano, we didn't have one yet. dad purchased the old babcia's piano from a fella who worked with dad. apparently it was sold to him when the house on hildreth ave in south hadley for sold. think mid 80's. we have the piano [bench] in our posession now. gave the piano to charity in 90's.

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carlos tropicana said...

jim looks like anyone you'd have a beer with at stoneys.