Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pine Cone Walkabout: Let's check out the dam!

We start out on Canal St. in South Hadley falls. The river is high so we think it best to check on our old friend.

The churning waters splash up to the hanging branches. We've paddled here many times. Not today!

We like how the Texon building stands bravely as the water pours over the dam. The old building knows the rules and has an intimate relationship with the river and its tempestuous nature.

Over the bridge, we walk into Holyoke and up Canal St. and take a right on Lyman. The engineer sits and waits on tracks near Gatehouse Rd. We wave to him but he ignores us. He's eating a sandwich. 


We walk down Gatehouse Rd. to view the dam from the Holyoke side. A driver stops and asks where the road ends. We tell him it's a dead end. He turns around. 

We turn up John St. and come across Ye Olde Bud building. VanDog posted some nice shots of this building earlier this year. 

Turning onto High St. we look over our shoulder and see the Caledonian staring down at us. We see the Trustees of Reservations has an office on the first floor. We've noticed their sign at the Dinosaur Footprints on Rt. 5. 

We're getting hungry as we start home. Is that kielbasa and kapusta we smell? Perhaps it is our imagination. Gramps is close by. Let's go!