Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Falls: Mid-Afternoon Sun

(Old Firehouse Museum, South Hadley Falls, Mass. (left), United Methodist Church steeple (center), Mt. Holyoke Masons building (right).

A brisk afternoon walk in the Falls. The warm sun heats the roads and the bricks. My coat is open and I'm not wearing a hat.

(The Richmond apartment building, Main St., South Hadley Falls)

(Dzaidziu owned several buildings in South Hadley. He always had his eye on the Richmond, I'm told. )

Bob Judge, President of the South Hadley Historical Society said, "The building was built for my great-grandfather, Martin Judge (1865-1929). The family folklore is that it was named "Richmond" because his wife was born in Richmond, VA., which she was."

(Doorway on Bardwell St.)

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