Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pine Cone Paddleabout

A Trip into the Marsh Near Veterans Bridge, Rt. 202, Holyoke, Mass.

The Veterans Bridge connecting South Hadley and Holyoke.

We often drive over this bridge into Holyoke and look into the marsh. Here's a view from the other side.

The vegetation is thick. The foliage has a tasty looking texture. Could this be good with a little butter and garlic? Probably not.

Frogs croak and fish splash. Dragonflys hover. Not a soul in sight.

It's slow moving as the paddle pushes through the soup.

Paddling out of the marsh we head north to High Rock and Low Rock on the Holyoke side of the river. Locals often swim and jump off the rocks.

Someone left a thick rope to make it easier to climb up.

High rock. I've never jumped.

Low Rock

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