Sunday, June 6, 2010

Airline Drive-in, Chicopee, MA.

Last movie I saw here was Cujo, a Stephen King story. It was pretty scary. I remember watching the entire movie. So it probably wasn't a date.

(Photo of dilapidated drive-in theater by M. Longhi of Holyoke. The bulldozer is warming up.)

On Oct 8, 2004 at 9:55am, from, MDRedDevil wrote:

I was born on Westover AFB in the late 60's, and remember Airline Drive-in with great fondness. It was the place were I watched features such as Western World, and several of the "Herbie The Love bug" movies. This drive-in was located on Memorial Dr. which was (and is still) an "American Graffiti-isk" setting for local kids drag racing. Today, Whenever I am filling up my SUV at Bj's, and the horizon is painted with the pink/blue colors of dusk, the warm summer breeze brings back fond memories of a time when playing with Gi Joe's and Sam Cobra in the woods behind Zarres, watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, and Roller-skating at United Skates of America on Saturday night constituted my whole weekend. One of my good friends has part of that great 50's era neon Airline Drive-in Sign.

Arial shot from 1971:

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zogness said...

I don't have any idea what caused the near extinction of drive-in theatres in this country. Was it liability issues? You would think that these days the theatre could have a low-powered FM transmitter send the movie's audio straight to people's car radios. Having control of the volume would be great. In some multiplexes they turn down the volume so it doesn't leak into the theatre next door.

Sitting in my car I wouldn't have to listen to all the a**holes in the audience talking during the entire movie.