Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Iceman Cometh, Ed Asner, zip lines and riding in cars

(Southampton, Mass.) We drove up to Crooked Ledge rd. to explore an old unmarked road. It's always mid-afternoon when I end up at these places. Who knows what the best light is? Who cares?

Stone walls and foundations. "Look here," I say. "That rock under there? Who knows when the last time it was touched by a human being? 300 years ago? Amazing, right?"
But I only pretend to say it. I keep it to myself and just sigh.

Whispered, I hear, "I think Rob is looking tired, and was he mumbling about being an iceman and how icemen could make a comeback, and you have to capture the opportunity or something. Being an iceman? Do you think Rob looks tired?"
Leave him alone, he's fine, I hear countered. Complemented with a sharp burp.

Brush with fame is the game. Go: Ed Ansner is named. "He was rude at an event I coordinated but later found out he was just bored and messing with me because I was new." Lots of snappy responses, including: appropriate ways of dealing with the Ted Knight laugh, Mary, Betty White. Lots of laughing. Good times.

"Nice cold storage. Drag ice here from the pond. Or put it up on your wagon. Either way you could get it here. If I had a block of ice here in July or August? I could get some syrup and make a fortune..."
I turn and realize I'm talking to myself.

A walk up an old unmarked road wouldn't be complete without an old car. Not sure of the make of this but I'd guess the late 60s or early 70s. First car I drove was a '72 Cadillac.

Has a UMass parking sticker on the bumper. Maybe Tommy Devine rode in the back seat at some point? Hubba hubba!

Turns out this was Edwards Rd., which lead into a residential neighborhood.

Trail description:

Rocky and can develop into a small stream after a decent rainstorm. 90 mins up and back to car. No dramatic incline. A zip line was discovered (below).

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