Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cove Island capering

8 a.m meeting with crows. "Did you see that dead squirrel over on Bardwell Street?" Yup. Meet you guys there at 10.

Out the back patio and over to Cove Island. I hide my shadow in a shadow

The old canal is dry under the bridge.

I don't like to talk in the morning.

We wish these guys would pick up after themselves. Canadians can be so uncivilized.

The towers are broadcasting. Always get a good signal here.

Chopper is always working. Has a vacation planned for April, though. Going to spend the weekend on the Holyoke side.

Old trees bow to the river. Chopper has these on his list for next week.

Old car near River Dog Man's house.

Cove island on the left. Chopper lives over there.

In a few months this area will covered with dense, dark green.

The town finally filled in the massive pot holes on our road. I was thinking of getting a Range Rover. But Edmunds said not to buy one.

South Hadley Electric Light guys taking a break before a busy day. Reading the paper. Did you you see the headline I wrote for the review of the new film, The Vow? "Movie about amnesia worth forgetting." hahaha. Have a good day, guys!

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