Monday, June 4, 2012

Rain? Ha! Let's go!

Unless there is thunder and lightning, rain usually won't hold me inside. I planned on walking up Old Mountain Road to Skinner State Park to check out the deck construction on the Summit House.

Mrs. Porcupine was hanging out near the road. She was late for her salon appointment. "I'd give you a lift," I said, "but I left my car at the bottom of the road."
She shrugged and moved on.

The clouds and rain were being picky and selective. It was a steady rain, but all of a sudden a downpour.

Not much going on today. But I could hear the guys working inside. Views should be opening soon.

The winding Connecticut river looking north toward Mt. Sugarloaf.

I would have taken up a nice sandwich if the weather was better. Maybe next time!

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