Thursday, June 28, 2012

taking it long and slow at ashley.

Ashely Reservoir, one of my regular running routes, is a place I often don't stop and smell the roses. Today, I did.

Lily looks nice all close up, and all.

And Lily in the the corner by the rail road tracks looks good in this light.

I knew Susan from way back. And her sister.

She had a wonderful family, Susan did.

But there were others.

Getting attention is fun...

from chicks.

But we all get hungry. And have to go shopping.

I know about one thing. And don't get in my way.


After lunch it's nice to walk around.

I think this is the way we came.

Getting dark. Maybe I'll call you Sometime.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pizza makes a party better.

A party is always nice to go to. But a party that has pizza? It just makes it a better party.

I didn't wash my hands and I dug right in and grabbed a piece. Do you think anyone batted an eye? Nope.

We would all like to pause a moment and give thanks to the guys and gals who make pizza. They make a party even better.

Three cheers to the people that are makers of pizza!

They do a good job for when we are hungry and we would like to eat. And their food? It is good!

Dinner's over. Time for some funny jokes!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A nice walk around Whiting Rd. reservoir in Holyoke

The Whiting Rd. Reservoir is a running loop for me, but I recently took the time to walk around the 3.2 mile path. Above, a walker maintains a good pace on the south side of the reservoir.

A lone red leaf exhibits its color between cracks in the shale stone.

Perch and small trout could be seen in the water.

The west end of the reservoir.


Trees, bushes and clouds frame a wonderful view.

Although there is plenty of shade, don't forget your hat on a sunny day!

Chip is always watching. He was here first, probably.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Rain? Ha! Let's go!

Unless there is thunder and lightning, rain usually won't hold me inside. I planned on walking up Old Mountain Road to Skinner State Park to check out the deck construction on the Summit House.

Mrs. Porcupine was hanging out near the road. She was late for her salon appointment. "I'd give you a lift," I said, "but I left my car at the bottom of the road."
She shrugged and moved on.

The clouds and rain were being picky and selective. It was a steady rain, but all of a sudden a downpour.

Not much going on today. But I could hear the guys working inside. Views should be opening soon.

The winding Connecticut river looking north toward Mt. Sugarloaf.

I would have taken up a nice sandwich if the weather was better. Maybe next time!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update on PCJ online dating experiences.

As some of you know, I've been trying my luck at online dating. I had 2 dates this week and they both went pretty well. My third date was tonight I was surprised when she agreed to meet me at my home. We thought the outside patio would be nice.

Bunny is mature, a vegetarian, has kids but not sure where they are, likes movies, hiking in the woods and people watching. So far, so good.

Although I set up the patio nicely, Bunny said she would rather sit in the grass. She said in her profile she was rather "earthy" so I joined her.

She liked how my house backed up to the woods. She currently lives in the meadow by the golf course. Just a hop, skip and a jump away.

"I like guys that aren't afraid to make the first move," she confessed. "And I like to be chased around sometimes." I guess I could be into that. She continued, "I need to keep moving, I have no patience for slow pokes."

She said she likes guys who are funny and don't take themselves too seriously. She likes snuggling, sniffing, and listening. So far we have lots in common.

At the end of the date we decided to play it by ear. "It was good, meeting you," she said. "I'll email you." Then she was gone.
We'll see what happens.