Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roads to nowhere

Old roads are fun to find.

Around the Mountain Park access road in Holyoke, Mass., and behind the Castle Hill apartments (formerly the site of the Kenilworth castle), I discovered a road along a stream.

The road seemed wide enough for pedestrians, or maybe a horse and buggy, but it didn't seem suited for cars. In some places, the metal pipe barrier was still intact.

The road ended around 1/2 mile, blocked by a culvert built in the 60s to carry water under Interstate 91. The highway was built in the 50s, I think. I could have crawled under on the ledge right under the highway. But I thought better of it and turned back.

What a lovely walk this must have been. From rt. 5, folks could take a leisurely stroll through the woods directly up to the park.

The rushing stream originates at Whiting reservoir and flows into the Connecticut river.

Here's a link to the location. The road is unmarked but is easy to find directly behind the office for the apartments. The land is private property but I don't think visitors will draw too much attention.:

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zogness said...

You know, I stopped them from building a bridge to nowhere in Alaska.