Monday, March 7, 2011

Signs of the times.

There are some signs that we are evolving as a species and some signs that we are not. You decide:

Atop Mt. Tom. This reminds me of an old Star Trek episode where Kirk is tortured with very high pitched sounds. That's probably different than radio waves, I guess.

Haydenville, Mass. Who fixes this stuff any more? Chuck does, apparently.

Holyoke dam. Please don't run your boat over the dam. Thanks.

South Hadley, Mass. Llamas can bite. Who knew?

Chicopee, Mass. Anyone want a free copy of Awake! or the Watchtower? They are published in 185 different languages.

Chicopee, Mass. I got an A+ in learning how to smoke in school. They don't offer this course any longer, I see.

Springfield, Mass. All we are sayin...

Holyoke, Mass. They have been known to wear dresses, too.

Hadley, Mass. Sorry. The views are closed.

Around Quabbin. All you need...


zogness said...

Llamas can also shoot a high velocity gob of spit and mucus at you. Weaponized spit, base-ly.

carlos tropicana said...

sweet jesus! great post.