Saturday, February 19, 2011

will work for food.

(i've always wanted to be an intern, 1989)

NOTEBOOK: If you're a photography intern, always be respectful of everyone. Everyone in the office has something to teach you. Even the guy dumping the waste bins... get to know him.
First priority: learn everyone's names. That will make it easy to approach folks with questions. It's better to say, "Betsy, can you remind me what the shortcut is to get the toolbar on the right side of the image?" Take the time to figure out how to remember that her name is "Betsy".
Another priority is keeping your opinion to yourself. Also, if others are swearing in the office, never join in. Nod or smile when it is appropriate. But try not to swear. Also, if you are able to keep your shirt tucked in, you should do so. If you practice these few simple things you will stand a better chance to survive subsequent programs that have other challenges. Good luck.

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