Monday, January 16, 2012

Know Your Town: South Hadley Falls

Here are a few things we like about South Hadley Falls:

Stop & Go Convenience Store, Bardwell St.
I've never bought a sandwich here but I'm sure they're good. A good place to buy cigarettes. And they have the spiciest Slim Jims in town, I've heard.

Stoney's Pub, 1 Bridge St.
Good location for me to walk home. Thursday night is Steak and Bake night. Review from Josh on Foursquare: Paper City beer is delish :)

South Hadley Public Library, Bardwell St.
Great movie selection. This weeks picks: The Trials of Henry Kissinger; Freakonomics and Who Killed the Electric Car.

El Guanaco, Bridge St.
Great Mexican and El Salvadorian food. Be sure to stop in on Tuesdays for $5 chicken burritos.

South Hadley Falls Canal Park.
Great view of the Connecticut River and Mt. Tom. And there is some history here.

View from the platform overlooking the Connecticut River. It's certainly getting colder!

Beachgrounds Park, Main St.
Very nice spray park for the kids. Also swings, baseball fields and a basketball court.

Author enjoying the wading pool at the Beachgrounds in 1970. Lifeguards used to hand out red rubber balls. Which was awesome!


Bob Judge said...

Dear Johhny:

Great photos of South Hadley Falls.

Thank you!

- Bob Judge said...

cheers, mr. judge!

zogness said...

Does Stoney's have a Wake and Bake breakfast special? said...

they don't do breakfast. you can go across the street to the "crack of dawn." i'm sure they have daily specials.