Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surviving to tell the tale

A nice mild winter day had me thinking of walking up a mountain. Mount Holyoke is close by. Let's go!

Started out on Mountain Road and Rt. 47 in Hockanum, Hadley.

This house on Mountain Road is certainly a "fixer upper." Doesn't look like there is any electricity connected. That's a plus for me.

One room schoolhouse across the street.

Got to this point from the road. Hmm. Should I take the trail or continue up the road?

How bad can it be?
Well, turned out pretty bad. I was able to get past a pretty icy stretch only to turn the corner on a very precarious situation. Solid ice with water flowing over, a pretty steep grade and no footing on the left or right for about 50 ft. There was no turning back. Yikes! Take it slow, I kept telling myself.

Finally arrive on the south side, where the ice and snow were pretty much gone.

Author thankful to be able to tell the tale.

Not a big climb, but with that icy stretch, it took me a long time.

Views are still closed from the deck.

Deck and the structure beneath seem to be getting worse.

Isn't there some kind of grant the DCR can turn to for restoration help?

Skinner park.

In memory of those who fell here. On May 27, 1944 a U.S. Army Air Force B24-J from Westover crashed on Mount Holyoke. This memorial is dedicated to the crew who died.

View north east toward UMass.

A nice place to have a snack.

Looking north toward Northampton.

Time to go back. I think I'll take the road down.

Mini snowman on a post. He looks to be praying for colder weather.

Back to the bottom to check out items at the lost and found. Scarf, hat and lip gloss.

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