Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meeting new friends

As the weather gets a bit warmer it's good to get out in the fresh air and socialize. I've already met quite a few new friends. Above, the Swan family has relocated from Cove Island to the marsh on the Holyoke side of the river. Mrs. Swan says, "Property taxes are lower here."

Mr. Rooster doesn't feel he should be limited to just mornings. "If I want to express myself, even if it's 3 p.m., who's to stop me?"

When asked why the Rogers brothers, the pickling company from Lunenburg, Mass. stopped making pickled lamb tongues I received a blank stare.

The water is still cold. But we like to wear bathing suits under our clothes just in case. Layers are appropriate for spring.

Mr. Grackle isn't sure about the seed mix. "Check the expiration dates if you buy from Ocean State Job Lots," I was told. Good advice.

This group meets every Wednesday for canasta. "We could use a sixth," said Mrs. Littlehorse.

It seems I ruffled someones feathers when I mentioned the 50 states quarter program.

The Blue Jay twins just discovered they were adopted. "I always thought we were different," Billy Blue Jay said.

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