Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hanging around the hood with my crew

I'll probably hook up with my old crew after a long winter. I live in a pretty tough neighborhood, but I've paid my dues and am respected for being tough but fair. 

Henrietta Heron just canceled cable television. "I could never find the remote," she said. 

River Dog Cat. Sister of River Dog. She's from West Virginia. She visits often. I think she's looking for a job around here. 

River Dog's friend. We've never met officially. But we cross paths often. 

Neighborhood kids. They've certainly gotten bigger over the winter. 

Tina Turkey Vulture is flirty. Especially when she gets back from church. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mean. They just built a new deck and are putting up a new fence. Not very friendly. To retaliate, I leave my garage door open. 

Chip thinks he owns the place. I've been coming here for years. Back off, Chippy. 

I dated Betty Bunny last spring. She liked to go out dancing and I liked to stay home. It didn't last. 

Mr. Noisy talks and talks. 

He can be a good listener, too. But not often

Samantha is looking for a new stylist. "My girl can never get the bangs right," she shrugged. 

Petrova Porcuoff just returned from the salon. "I've been going to Mitsy for over a decade now," she said. 

Tim Tree Swallow doesn't realize I'm not looking for trouble. He was a bouncer at the Blue Room back in the day. I wouldn't mess with him.

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