Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Making it through another New England winter

I don’t get out and about much in the winter. I don’t ski – too worried about getting injured and not being able to run or play golf. Although it sometimes feels like living in a freezer that needs defrosting, there are still lovely things to see and new friends to meet during the winter months. 


Near Cove Island, South Hadley. As the temperatures rise a bit, the snow melts, and a hazy fog forms over the Connecticut River. But there is more cold and snow to come. See below. 

Canal Rd., South Hadley. A room with a view. At least the town plowed the road. Which is no use to me. I'll probably stay in today. 

Mr. Hairy Woody has stopped banging his head on my gutters. I finally found a recipe that he likes. 

Mr. Noisy hangs around most of the winter. Parking his big, loud beak near my bedroom window he cries out for "THE-O-DORE!" Perhaps he is confusing me with a long-lost love. Or someone that owes his some suet. 

Ice forms near a waterfall around Upper Pond, Mt. Holyoke College. I wonder what would cause such formations? Bubbles of water rising from the waterfall, probably. It is interesting. But I shrug thinking I should have worn warmer socks. 

Near Lower Pond, Mt. Holyoke College. Let us pray. Although we have the ability to adapt to these temperatures, we don't like it. And we pray for an early spring. Amen. Quack!

Frozen waterfall near Whiting Rd. Reservoir in Holyoke. I love the sound of the rushing water. But not today. There is no sound except the wind howling through the naked branches.  Too cold for the birds, even. 

The river is frozen. My least favorite view of Mt. Tom is during these months. I know it's not easy to get up there. It's cold and windy and the snow is a foot deep on the trails. I have snow shoes but they'll remain in the garage hanging on a nail. I'll stay inside. 

Two ducks awake to a black and white movie. Holy Name church in Holyoke rises above the tree line but provides no solace. I'm ready to defrost this area. I'll have to get the double wide drip pan. 

The bridge over the canal leading to the river after a morning snowfall. I'm certainly not happy about the footing. I could fall at any moment. I have before.

Mr. Noisy peeks around a snowbank to see if I'm outside. He just drank more than a few cups of coffee and has lots to say. I don't feel like listening.

No, I'm not a crossing guard. I'm just extra careful when I run on the roads during the winter. Snowbanks can limit visibility around crosswalks. And folks are always in a hurry to get to the mall!

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